Congressman Tom Rooney Announces Mobile Office Hours In Sun City Center

08/22/14 Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Tom Rooney (FL-17) today announced that his staff will host Mobile Office Hours in Sun City Center on Tuesday, Read more

Op-Ed: America deserves a natural disaster mitigation strategy by Congressman Dennis Ross

According to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, there have been 151 weather-related disasters since 1980, leading to more than $1 billion in economic loss Read more

I Will Secure the Border - Dear Neighbor Post from Congressman Dennis Ross

Dear Neighbor, Immigration is an issue that impacts everyone in America. Everything from taxes, job creation, health care costs, the cost of education, and national Read more

Ross Named Senior Deputy Whip of House Republican Conference

U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross (FL-15) was named a top leader in the U.S. House of Representatives and announced as a member of the five-person Read more

Gov. Scott at groundbreaking for USAA headquarters that will bring 1,200 new jobs

TAMPA — With Gov. Rick Scott and several local officials on hand to cheer them on, USAA officials broke ground Tuesday on a 420,000 square-foot Tampa headquarters Read more

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Benghazi: A Failure to Answer

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Excerpt: Letter to the Editor Published: October 31, 2012 by the Tampa Tribune A Failure to Answer I opened my Tampa Tribune Monday morning and saw another story on the Benghazi tragedy. This story is about the personal horror of finding out your son was killed in a firefight that should never have happened if there had been adequate security (“Benghazi victim’s dad wants answers,” front page). In order to “normalize” conditions in Benghazi, security forces were reduced, according to Congressional testimony. What does that mean, and what kind of convoluted thinking comes to that conclusion when two other attacks on the same…

Florida Justices and Judges to be Retained

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Excerpt: *This post does not reflect the opinion of the Hillsborough County Republican Party or its members* By Dianne Agster There are three FL Supreme Court Justices on ALL FLORIDA ballots. Every 4 years some of these FL Supreme Court Justices are put on the ballot so we the people can vote to retain them or to fire them. After all a lifetime is a very long time, if that judge is not doing as he/she should be doing. The founders of our State Constitution put this safeguard into our State Constitution so we could fire any justices that do not do their…

Op Ed: Romney Has A Tough Week

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Excerpt: Regarding the column in Saturday’s, September 22nd Tampa Tribune, “Romney ends tough week by trying to go on offense”. I expected to see equal news regarding the President’s week which was anything but triumphant. But alas, I searched for the following and could find nothing about 1. The disgraceful decision of the President to go to LasVegas for fund raising in the immediate aftermath of the murders. 2. The realization that, in spite of his narcissistic idea that he is beloved and admired in the Middle East they burned him in effigy. They walked on and burned our flag proving his pronouncement…

The United States Supreme Court Upholds Obama Health Care Law

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Excerpt: The Hillsborough County Republican Party Responds   Tampa, Fla. – As news spreads of the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold President Obama’s proposed health care plan, many, including the Hillsborough County Republic Party (HCRP) are voicing concerns and disappointment.   “Our Constitution clearly states that Congress only has ‘enumerated powers’, not unlimited powers under the clause to ‘regulate commerce’”, said HCRP Chairman Art Wood. “While the Supreme Court agreed with that point, the majority of the justices still found Obamacare constitutional under ‘tax’ powers.”   “While we have to respect the decision rendered by our highest court, the decision does not make common sense,” Wood continued….

Hillsborough County Republican Party Responds to Obama’s Approval of Legal Same-Sex Marriage

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Excerpt: HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY RESPONDS TO OBAMA’S APPROVAL OF LEGAL SAME-SEX MARRIAGE Contact: Art Wood, Chairman (813) 657-6499 Tampa, FL – Earlier on Wednesday, May 9th, President Obama publicly endorsed in a television interview his position on making same-sex marriage legal. “We understand that everything Mr. Obama is doing at this point, including his speeches, appearances and endorsements are a part of a calculated and timed strategy to enhance his re-election campaign.” says Art Wood, Chairman of the Hillsborough Republican Party. “We think the issues of rising gas prices, a sluggish housing system and down-economy are all issues affecting Americans deeply and are being distracted…

If I Wanted America To Fail (VIDEO)

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It’s the video spreading across the web and social media networks. Watch and leave us your thoughts in the comments.  

From ‘Hope’ to Hypocrisy: Excuses, Excuses

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Excerpt: Dear Friend, For the past three years, President Obama has been promising a better economy. But rather than hold himself accountable (like he said he would), Obama is deflecting the blame from himself and his failed policies. On the eve of Tax Day, I’m sure everyone can agree that the state of the economy is forefront on the minds of voters. Well Mr. President,excuses don’t pay the mortgage, lower skyrocketing gas prices, or cover the cost of those tax estimates. Have times been tough? Yes. However, that doesn’t justify Obama’s laundry list of excuses for lacking the guidance and leadership to help America…

A Failing Grade: Obama’s Record with College Students | RedState

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Excerpt: Posted by Chairman Reince Priebus (Diary) Today, ESPN unveils President Obama’s NCAA Final Four picks. Tomorrow, they will reveal his full brackets. These days, it seems like the president spends more time thinking about the Final Four than the difficulties facing a family of four: the soaring college tuition, the sluggish economy, skyrocketing gas prices, and massive national debt. Of course, no one begrudges the president’s filling out a bracket. But March Madness should not trump our many national crises. In November, though, college voters could determine the winner of an even more important contest—the presidential election. They would do well to remember these words from President Obama in…

Enthusiasm gap? Florida Republicans are narrowing registration gap with Dems | Naked Politics

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Excerpt: When 2011 began, Democrats in Florida had a voter registration advantage of more than 580,000. By the end of 2011, that was cut to a little less than 503,00. As of January 31st, 2012, the Democrats’ advantage was reduced again to 483,869! RPOF started a voter registration program in 2011, but has dramatically accelerated it statewide in recent weeks. This successful outreach program has yielded the following results: * Since Jan. 1, 17,073 Floridians have registered as Republicans, while in the same timeframe 14,337 registered Democrat. * In the 18 to 25 age group, 5,358 registered Republican and 4,390 registered Democrat. So much…

Sen. Bill Nelson ‘Farms’ Six Cows to Dodge $43,000 in Taxes – Big Government

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Excerpt: Six cows are helping millionaire Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) dodge $43,000 in property taxes on his 55 acres of land on the Indian River, reports the Tampa Bay Times. While no one begrudges any American from striving to pay as few dollars in taxes as are legally feasible, the fact that Sen. Nelson, an ardent supporter of President Barack Obama’s big government agenda, performs agricultural gymnastics to avoid helping fund Mr. Obama’s deficit-exploding programs is, well, hypocritical.  So says Sen. Nelson’s 2012 Senate Republican challenger, conservative rising star Rep. Connie Mack (R-FL). via » Sen. Bill Nelson ‘Farms’ Six Cows to Dodge…